The Throckmorton Family Love Story

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Kendahl: I always struggled with the idea of “waiting till we were done having biological children” to begin the adoption process. I think there is just something very beautiful about mixing adopted children into the middle of our family. We had looked into adoption many times, but wasn’t until after Olive was born that we looked more seriously. Then we got pregnant a 3rd time and put it on hold yet again. After this pregnancy ended in miscarriage, we both felt God calling us back to adoption. Back to His Story. And we haven’t looked back since.

Bryan: Adoption has come up several times during our marriage. We’d talk about it, agree we’d like to do it, yet nothing ever came of it. After a few years of seeing infertility doctors, we had our first child, Ellis. 9 months later, we found out another was on the way. It was after our second, Olive, that adoption became a more regular topic of conversation. Yet, we still never acted on it. In October 2015, after experiencing the heartbreak of miscarriage it again became a regular topic of conversation.

Adoption isn’t just for those with lots of money, those who are super-spiritual, or those who have it all together. We are living our daily messy life just like everyone else, but we have room in our home and hearts for more kids.