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We envision a future where no child lives without the love and security of a forever family

Adoption is not simply a series of unconnected stories, but is in fact a movement that can change the lives of millions of children.

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38% of American Christians have considered adoption. Only 5% have actually adopted a child.


What if the number of Christian families adopting doubled or tripled over the next decade?

1 year. 100 Forever Families.

Stories need heroes. Join us in the 100 campaign, a year-long journey to bring 100 children home to 100 forever families.

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Honoring the Spirit of the Adoption Decision

I never thought that I’d deliver a child biologically. As a little girl, I can remember saying, “I’m just going to adopt them all.” By “all” I was referring to the orphaned children of the world. Even at a young age, I had a heart broken wide-open for kids without families. I guess that’s not…