The Thomas Family Love Story

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Richard: Adoption was modeled for me by my grandmother and uncles. My grandmother was born into a family that was unable to care for her properly, so another family adopted her at a very young age. This act of love was not lost on her – she and my grandfather adopted two boys of their own (my uncles). As a kid, I would attend yearly family reunions for both my grandmother’s biological family and her adoptive family. Adoption was always part of the narrative, and it just felt like a beautiful part of our family. I think I always knew I planned to adopt (even when I was very young). When Jessa and I were dating, and the inevitable discussion of “the future” would crop up, I was so excited that adoption was always part of that conversation, and was a goal for both of us.

Jessa: Broken families are a reality that many of us have experienced, whether that be personally or through others. This deep brokenness doesn’t have to exist for ourselves or for our children… there is a better way. For me, adoption is a desire to change the trajectory of someone’s story – carefully crafted with intention, love and wholeness.

"For me, adoption is a desire to change the trajectory of someone’s story – carefully crafted with intention, love and wholeness."