The Dlugosz Family Love Story

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Evan: My sister and I were both adopted from South Korea when we were just babies.  It was an incredible blessing from God that we were raised in a Christian home with loving parents.  Our parents sacrificed so much to give us an amazing future and to provide us with bountiful opportunities.

Ashley and I love kids, and knew that we didn’t want adoption to be plan B when it came time to expand our family.  Adoption has always been a passion of mine, not just to rescue a child, but to display an awesome picture of the Gospel.  We are so excited to start this journey!

Ashley: I grew up around families who adopted children, both domestically and internationally, and it definitely didn’t strike me back then.  Later in life, I went to Jamaica on a mission’s trip and we visited an orphanage.  From the moment I stepped in, I saw such a need, and I wanted to load up the kids and bring them home, love them, and be their family.  A few years ago my brother and his wife adopted several children through embryo adoption, and that’s when I really started to think more about what adoption represents, and how God adopted us into His family.

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June 14, 2014

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There is no such thing in God’s economy as an 'adopted child,' only a child who was adopted into the family. 'Adopted' defines how you came into the household, but it doesn’t define you as some other sort of family member