The Weston Family Love Story

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Meg: When I was in 4th or 5th grade, I wrote a journal entry about how I wanted to adopt kids someday. I think God created me with the purpose of adopting. Many women have this innate desire to be pregnant and I had that same innate desire to adopt. It’s just the way He created me!

As a child, I was surrounded by stories of adoption. I can see now that those were the seeds in my life that have grown into a passion. I had a friend from elementary school (who is still a close friend), who was adopted and spoke openly about it. It was never a secret or something she ever expressed shame over, it was her normal and that carried over into how I viewed adoption. As a teenager, there was a girl who was brought into our church by a family at an older age through foster care. She ended up being hired by my dad who owned a landscaping company and we worked alongside each other. She expressed to me a lot of pain and shared her story. It broke me. She really opened my eyes up to see that there were kids just like me who were being bounced from house to house and struggling to feel loved. That was a profound moment in my life as I realized not every kid knows that they are loved. I knew that I wanted to be involved some day in adoption/foster care.

We feel that God has called us to adoption and when we say "yes" to that, there is such an indescribable joy in knowing we are in line with God's purpose for our family.