The Stevens Family Love Story

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Bettina: My biggest connection to adoption was through the story of my birth. After my parents had my brothers, they decided to pursue the adoption of a little girl from Mexico. They got to the very end of the process, and they held her and fell in love with her instantaneously. However, after they signed the papers and went back to get her, they found out she had been stolen by her current caregiver.

This was devastating for them, and my mom told me she had nightmares for a year about the woman and their daughter, Martina. They both grieved over that time, but my mom still longed for another child. After waiting over a year with no resolution, she told my dad to go away for the weekend to pray; to seek God if they were to have another child. What my dad thought would be a nice little weekend getaway, turned into a time of conviction and discernment. Not only did God tell him they were going to have a other baby, but God gave him my exact specifications … gender, weight, and length. So they got pregnant soon after, and had me 9 months later.


May 24, 2009

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We want our children to know that they were loved, cherished, and wanted first. That we waited, fought, cried and prayed over their lives daily. That our family became full when they came into our lives.