The Wright Family Love Story

$35,256 of $35,255

Our journey started 14 years ago, we as a dating couple, would talk about the future and what God’s plan might be for our lives. We always felt like adoption was part of His plan for us. We felt strongly about it because through adoption, you’re really modeling Jesus. He’s the one who help’s the helpless the hopeless. He helps those who can’t help themselves. And through His redeeming love the Father adopts us into the heavenly family. Since this is a reality both spiritually and one day heavenly we wanted to try to model that in our own little lives.

In 2006 we felt like the Lord was leading us to plant a church in Boise Idaho. Over the last 8 years we’ve had 2 great kids. Elly who is beautiful, brilliant and who is 7 going on 17. We also have a son Asa, who is a red head and fits every stereo type of a red head you can think of!!!

About 9 months ago we started to get the baby bug. It seemed like every couple in our church was pregnant, and we caught it. But the problem was Isabel and I didn’t feel lead to have another child of our own. We felt like this was the Lord saying JUMP! Life is really good and we were getting too comfy and set in our ways. We know that if we didn’t jump as the Lord was calling us to do we might not ever step out. So we prayed and were lead to an adoption agency’s info meeting. When we left we were very discouraged. Our desire was to adopt a child between the age’s of 6 months and 4 years, and domestically that is virtually impossible. We had not even thought about International adoption. As we felt more and more lead this direction, God added another thing for us to pray about. We started to feel strongly about adopting siblings. We live in a very white state. We feel that bringing home siblings will be so much easier on the kids. Someone that looks like them, talks like them, maybe has some of the same fears and can relate to. We know that we would want to end up adopting again so we think the Lord is calling us to do it all at once. So we started to pray and the Lord kept confirming things and opening up doors.

On June 16th we officially jumped out of the boat as we announced it on Facebook with a T-shirt fundraiser. When we launched the fundraiser we literally had $30 in the savings account! But within the last 2 months we’ve raised $5,500 dollars! It’s a start, but the total we need to raise to bring home our 2 other kids from Ethiopia is $39,000. We know that the Lord has lead us this far and will be faithful as He sees fit. We would love your prayers and if you feel lead to partner with us financially, we would be honored and grateful. We can’t wait to see our 2 kids that God has picked out for us!

Lord Bless ya,

The Wright Family!