The Williams Family Love Story

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Why Adoption?

Both Marques and Ashley had open-door policies growing up. Marques’s father was a youth pastor and social worker who had a heart for helping and loving those who needed a family and someone to be their advocate. His mother and father were always the first to volunteer their couch or extra bed, resulting in a few people living with them for an extended period of time. There was a revolving door and they both believed in giving people a second chance, even to those whom others may have believed didn’t deserve it.

Ashley’s parents were involved with the youth group at their church and her mom worked at a juvenile detention center for much of Ashley’s middle/high school years. Their house was always a safe place for anyone to come. One time, when coming home from shopping with her mom and dad she remembers one of the youth group members waiting on the porch just to chat and say hello.

To this day, the Thanksgiving table is filled with anyone who wants to spend it with us; an open invitation for everyone, if you will. Her aunt and uncle adopted 3 girls after she graduated from high school and she has always thought they all have beautiful stories.

Our story has Jesus weaved all through it. Individually and throughout our relationship; we have always wanted to adopt. When we started our infertility journey in April, we both had peace. No matter the outcome, we knew we would be parents in His timing.