The Wheeler Family Love Story

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Sarah: I have dreamt of being a mom since I can remember. My grandma made me a doll when I was little, and that doll went EVERYWHERE with me. I changed her diapers, I fed her every two hours, I changed her clothes if she “spit up” on them. She sat in the front of the grocery cart while I was on my tippy toes pushing her around, following my mom through the grocery store. I can remember multiple times growing up counting down the years when I could potentially be a mom. “I’m only 12 years old. That means only 4 more years to wait to be able to date, marry him at 18 and FINALLY get to be a mom.” So, when Mason and I got married, I actually asked him the day after our wedding if we could start trying for a baby. Little did we know it would be a 4+ year journey.

Mason: Adoption has always been something on my heart. When we got our infertility diagnosis, I was ready to consider it right away. Growing up in church we saw the tremendous need there is and what an opportunity it is to care for orphans. Recently we discovered the deeper calling to care for the mother or mothers that find themselves in this very difficult situation. We have a strong desire to love a child, and these mothers want what is best for their child. We know how hard this must be and want desperately to care for them and support them through adoption.

Our infertility journey really shaped us. We struggled for a long time to have kids naturally and through the heartache, it deepened our dependability on each other and God.