Union Gives: The Janson Family Adoption Journey

$12,500 of $12,500

*The middle & high school students of Christian Life are helping raise funds for the Janson family to adopt. Thank you for any gift you are able to give! All donations to the Janson family are tax deductible.

Amanda: It was early into 2016, and our daughter was about a year and a half, when I felt a word from the Lord that our second child was not meant to be biological. There was so much emotion behind that moment and since then the call to adoption has been heavily placed on our family.
 To rewind back a bit, I’ve always wanted to adopt. Even before Eric came into my life I knew it was something I wanted to pursue in the future. When Eric and I were first dating and getting to know each other, it was brought up about how he wanted to adopt one day as well. We both knew, going into marriage, it was just something that was going to happen to our family one day.
 Fast forward to March of 2017 to when we officially entered the world of being foster parents. Wow, how the Lord has used this journey to shape and prepare us for that calling of adoption I mentioned above. Over a year into fostering, and adoption just makes so much more sense to us; from our perspective and from the Lords 

Adoption paints such a beautiful picture of what the building of a family looks like. Love has no limits and neither does our God.