The Swaggerty Family Love Story

$28,000 of $28,000

For our family, adoption represents a beautiful act of redemption. We believe that God has invited us to become a part of His family, and through adoption we have the opportunity to reflect God’s love by opening our home and family to a beautiful new baby. It is our joy and our privilege to live out our faith through the act of adoption. This privilege leaves us speechless!

Since we met over 16 years ago, Mike and I have dreamed of a family of sons and daughters, and we both love kids. During the early years of dating and marriage, we both volunteered for children’s church, and spent time babysitting for our friends who already had children of their own. Although our family has grown over the years, we find ourselves doing these very same things to this day! We’ve been blessed with four biological sons, and after our fourth son was born, we believed that God was saving our little girl to come to us through adoption; over the years, we’ve treasured this dream of adopting a little girl.

Join us as we wait, prepare and dream. We can’t wait to bring our baby girl home.