The Spicer Family Love Story

$986 of $18,000

Allison: God started to tug at my heart strings in the area of adoption about 7 years ago. I was working as a dental hygienist for a Medicaid children’s clinic. While there, I saw the immense need for homes for foster kids, as they were in waiting to be adopted into a loving home. I remember my heart breaking for them and felt an intense desire to help. It was then I decided in my heart that adoption would be in my future someday.

Our adoption journey started after our first miscarriage, but we wanted to try once more to have a biological child. After we experienced our second miscarriage on Father’s Day, 2016, I think we were both ready to pursue adoption. We didn’t talk about it right away, but after grieving our loss we sat down and we knew what was next. 2016 was both a sad and exciting year. We picked up our family and moved to Colorado, and we decided once we got settled in we would start the process right away.

Clayton: Growing up most of my friends were from traditional homes. I only knew of one family that had adopted kids. The only reason I knew that was that my parents told me. I remember seeing how similar they were to our family. I believe that in life it’s not how you start but how you finish. For me, adoption really rings true.

Adoption to me is a gift both to a child that needs a loving home and to us a family that is looking for a special addition. To be blessed with the opportunity to be part of something bigger than us and bring joy and love to someone that might not have the opportunity is a great gift.