The Spencer Family Love Story

$20,375 of $20,375

Nick: Adoption is building a family of all different shapes, sizes and colors and learning to love without limits. Most of all, it is about being the parent of the children God chose for you. When I was young, my dad traveled all around the world doing mission work. When my dad would return from those mission trips, he would always tell the most amazing stories about his journey. The one thing that stuck out most to about his journeys was the stories of the smiling orphans he would meet. These children had no reason to smile or hope yet they did both. It was through these stories that God called me to adopt.

Mackenzie: Adoption means having a family. Adoption has always been our plan A. We knew early in our dating relationship that we would grow our family solely through adoption when the time came. Even though we have been in the adoption process for over a year, it is still hard to believe sometimes! I imagine it is similar to how a woman feels when she is pregnant with her first child – I feel excited, but it sometimes feels surreal that we have children! Our process is just a lot longer than a pregnancy.

Of all of the things we have learned through this adoption process so far, there has been one constant, recurring theme: If we say yes to God’s calling on our lives and fully trust Him, He will make a way and will do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine.