The Polito Family Love Story

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“At first, adoption meant completing our family when doing it naturally was going to be extremely difficult for us.  But as we have gone through this process, our eyes have been opened up to a whole new world, a new culture. It has been enriching, challenging, and given us so much love and happiness. For the very first time, we can say that the sadness and hurt from infertility has truly been a gift to us.

We got married on March 9, 2013 in a beautiful Catholic church and then partied at the Biltmore of Atlanta.  It was beautiful and fun and the best day of our lives.  We met in a restaurant where I used to work. One rainy afternoon, Scott was rained off the golf course and ended up at my work.  After just a few minute of chatting, we immediately hit it off and after a few months of friendship over the summer, we decided to start dating.  We spent every day together and introduced our families to each other quickly.  From the first few moments we met, I think we both knew it was something really special.  We still laugh together almost every night while we catch up over dinner.  We share a love for the same shows and hobbies so we’re not the “opposites attract” kind of couple.

In 2014, Scott and I made the decision to start a family.  After five years together, a two-year engagement, and just one year of marriage, we were ready to multiply the love and happiness that the two of us had together.  Both of our families are very large with many babies and toddlers running around, so of course we thought, this should be easy… right? Well, it wasn’t.

Suddenly, growing our family became less about conceiving and more about giving a loving home to a child in need.