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Ryan: At an early age my parents made it a point to teach us about the world outside of the comfort of our community. I remember hearing stories about Guatemala and children that would survive by rummaging through landfills looking for a morsel of food. In high school I spent a summer in Kosovo after war had decimated the city and wiped out an entire generation of men. Sarah and I spent time in China and India and because of our time at these amazing places we could see the need and feel the responsibility that we had because of all we have been given. The statistics are staggering – 18 million children have lost both parents. Its easy to be overwhelmed by these numbers but I try to always remember what Mother Theresa said “If you look at the masses…you wont act, but if you look at the one …you will” Sarah and I are committed to look at the 1 or 2 and say yes to whatever God puts in front of us. If we can make a difference for 1 child or 1 family or even 1 village we are available.

Sarah: Adoption for me is a leap of faith. It is so full of unknowns and things can go wrong at basically every step so it has been a huge exercise in trust. It has deepened my relationship with the Lord more than I had thought it would. We both feel as if He is showing us just enough to take the next step and we are being faithful taking it one step at a time but not really sure what the end result will look like.

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"If you look at the wont act, but if you look at the one will" Mother Theresa