The McLindsay Family Love Story

$43,250 of $43,250

To us, adoption is a beautiful picture of redemption. Whenever someone says things to me like, “I am so happy you’re adopting, what an amazing thing you are doing for that child,” I think, “What a beautiful thing we are doing for each other!” This child will make us parents which will be the greatest blessing and gift we could possibly receive. Adoption means the same thing to me as it would if we were pregnant. It means that God has given us the opportunity, responsibility and the gift of life. It doesn’t matter if it is through biology or decision, what matters is the commitment to love.

The journey of growing our family thus far has been one of struggle and heartache. After trying to get pregnant for a year without any success, I was diagnosed with PCOS. The diagnosis of PCOS was like a knife in all of our hopes and dreams. I know so much more now than I knew then about both the high prevalence of PCOS as well as the fact that most women with PCOS can and do go on to have successful pregnancies. With that being said, with each passing month of failed infertility treatments, I found myself being swallowed by the process. We kept moving forward until we finally became pregnant in November.

To us, adoption is a beautiful picture of redemption.