The Mauk Family Love Story

$12,000 of $22,000

Casey: Our first adoption journey began in 2015. We had been trying to get to get pregnant for about 5 years without any luck. I hadn’t really imagined we would be the family who could not have a child biologically. Honestly, at that point adoption had never even crossed my mind. 

Michael: So, I was in this band and one of the guys in the band with me was in the process of adopting his second child. I was curious, so I began asking him a bunch of questions about it. I was really intrigued by his passion for adoption – it was contagious. For the first time, I started thinking, “Maybe getting pregnant isn’t our story; maybe adoption has been God’s plan for us all along.” 

"This life we have is so beautiful and we are so excited to have another child join our family! We would love for you to join our journey!"

We’ve been married almost 14 years.

We love to go on evening drives.

We have an adorable Jack Russel terrier named Gucci.