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Angel: When I was a young teenager, my sister placed my niece for adoption. At that time, I could not fully grasp the selfless and courageous decision she was making. As I began to process our call to adoption, I quickly realized that God prepared my heart for adoption in those very moments. My love for birth mothers and their decision in choosing life is something I can’t quite explain. To have been on the other side of this journey experiencing all the emotions that come along with choosing adoption and experiencing a placement firsthand at such a young age is something I will always be eternally grateful for. God knew He had this journey planned for us and I am so grateful He allowed me to experience adoption at such a personal level.

Justin: My younger brother adopted his wife’s biological son when they married a few years ago. Seeing the way that he loves him as his own has given me encouragement through this process. I admire their unique bond and love for each other.

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After learning of our infertility and spending time in prayer, adoption was the only option for us. It instantly became less about conceiving naturally and more about the opportunity to be parents and provide a loving home to a little one