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Why Adoption? 

Tim: Almost four years ago my wife, Andrea, found out she was pregnant. We were super stoked and just couldn’t wait to meet our baby. Since that time we’ve been on what feels like an endless rollercoaster. A short time after Andrea became pregnant it seemed that she miscarried – that wasn’t the case but the pregnancy was ectopic. She was such a trooper, she had to go in for blood work a couple of times a week for months. The poking and prodding seemed endless. After the ectopic pregnancy was worked through the doctors found what ended up being stage 1 uterine cancer. Yeah, CANCER! That’s one way to freak out newlyweds. After more poking, prodding and surgeries Andrea has now had a cancer-free diagnosis for almost two years.  

We have several friends and even family members who have adopted. These adoptions ranged from foster-to-adopt to international adoptions, and it has been great having people close to us who can give us firsthand insight.  

When we are blessed with a child we look forward to raising them to love God and love others! 

Andrea: Tim and I both have a deep yearning to be parents. Our journey to becoming parents has been somewhat similar to hiking one of Colorado’s 14,000 foot mountains. Up and down. Hard to breathe at times … like gulping for air when there is none. False summits. Yet, we keep putting one foot in front of the other. The summit is closer every day. 

Andrea is

a physical therapist

Tim is

a police officer

We love

Adopting takes a village. The emotional and relational support we have needed on our journey has been far and wide. Our needs have been met in ways that I will never forget. The way "our people" have shared in our peaks and valleys humbles me and makes me want to explode with gratitude.