The Jackson Family Love Story

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Our God is awesome! He is writing an amazing story for our family that we are blessed to share with Adopt a Love Story.

Denae and I met in the winter of 1996 and were married at the end of the summer in 1998. Early in our marriage, before having any children of our own, God started moving in our hearts to think about how we would live out the command of James 1:27 in our lives. I remember talking after presentations at church about orphans across the globe that needed a family and hoping we could give that to a child someday. At that time we weren’t sure if we would do a domestic or foreign adoption, but looking back it is amazing to see how God has prepared us for this adoption and set into place the people we would meet and places we would go in our lives.

Although the cost of adopting is great, we know our God is not small, and we can't wait to see how He teaches us to trust in Him more and more throughout this entire process