The Humphries Family Love Story

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Alec: When Meg shares her heart for children and adoption, I really can’t help but smile. For me, adoption was something that was never really on my radar growing up, primarily because I was never exposed to it. When Meg and I got married, her desire and calling to adopt was so contagious that I couldn’t help but get excited for this dream for our family. It was something we talked about very early on in our marriage. This place in my heart for children without a home tremendously grew as we had our first son. If there was one calling that God placed on my heart that brought me incredible joy, it was to be a father. God kept working on my heart for adoption and building up my desire to be a father to a baby without one, getting me “caught up”, if you will, to Meg who God had been working on her whole life. We got to a point as a couple where we knew, with 100% certainty, that we wanted to adopt – the only question was, when?

Meg: The picture of adoption continues to evolve for me. Growing up, I was exposed to adoption through different lenses: watching my aunt and uncle adopt two amazing girls from Korea and seeing their lives take shape because of it; seeing youth my dad (and mom) worked with every day as an inner city pastor. When I was younger, these experiences shaped my beliefs about adoption. It opened my eyes to the need, early on, for children aching for family and love. Over the years, that exposure changed and I began to see the need for forever families even more. I worked at inner city youth camps each summer where I “did life” with amazing children that came from homes that were broken and had hearts filled with hurt. I went on missions trips to inner city areas and saw the need for people to make a difference in the community, particularly in the lives of children. At the same time, my awareness and passion for birth moms started a journey for me as well.

We dream to have a home that is a safe haven for those that need one and we long to create and build up a family full of love, hope, joy, ease, laughter and chaos (the good kind!).

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