The Garber Family Love Story

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“Why Haiti?” We’ve been asked this question a lot since we stepped out in faith in this adoption journey.

Haiti is not a country to which Josh or I have any connection. When we thought of the possibility of international adoption, we assumed it would most likely be a country in Africa because we both have connections in different countries there.

I had been asking God to have an adoption agency contact us and within 24 hours of my latest prayer, I received an email from an agency we had contacted a couple years ago when we lived in Pennsylvania.  They needed families for some of their international programs. I began emailing back and forth, trying to figure out the eligible programs for us. It came down to Haiti or India.

So, I began praying over these 2 countries asking God which one… it didn’t seem like either one could be a wrong choice.

I had asked God who we should adopt and He said, “The least of these.”