Eklund Family Love Story

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Why Adoption? 

Maria:  Adoption had been in the back of my mind for a while, but I was not sure how it would play a role in my life with Jacob. We both come from large families and knew that we wanted to have a large family of our own. Since we found out that I should no longer have any biological children we have been led to adopt, and are excited to see how God grows our family through this process.  

Jacob: Maria and I have both had a desire to have several children.  Due to Maria having hyperemesis, having a 3rd child by natural birth puts her at a serious health risk.  I know a few other families who have gone through the adoption process.  They have shared their experiences and have been excellent resources.  Ultimately we believe God has lead us to adopt.  We both have a desire to bring a child into our loving family and understand there are children out there that are looking to be adopted.  With everything we’ve done so far it has really shown us that this is what we should be doing.