7000 Names: The Dakin Family Love Story

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7000 Names is a representation of what a community can do when it rallies together. We believe people all over this world love a good story and we are inviting you into our story of adoption. We are looking for 7000 story builders. Adoption is the heart of 7000 Names. The power is not in the impact of one gift, but in thousands. If 7000 people…7000 Names…each gave seven dollars. That would bring home baby number 7. We love family so much that we can’t wait to see ours grow again through a domestic adoption. Our goal as a family is to raise $50,000. Anything above and beyond that will go towards funding another families adoption.

Thank you for taking the time to hear the vision of 7000 names. Please consider giving us your gift of $7 and listing your name today. It is our passion to see the masses be impacted by our story as it truly impacts our world forever.

Adoption is a beautiful way to build a family. Thank you for helping us build ours. More than giving larger amounts towards our adoption, it would bless us immensely if you would share our story. Your reach is bigger than ours.



Fifteen years

We have

Six Kids

We have Done

An Embryo Adoption
God continued to grow my heart for children, yet that little girl’s face never left my mind. I knew because of her, a desire was birthed to blur the lines of blood and let love conquer injustice in just ONE child’s life because of mine.