The Creger Family Love Story

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Adoption is a beautiful illustration of God’s goodness in the land of the living. It is not without its struggle and heartache but it is a worthwhile calling that involves so many hearts. For me, it is an honor and a privilege that God would call us to such a place. I have always wanted to be a mom to a house full of kids. I always felt I would adopt, even as a little girl. I never dreamed life would take me where it has. 

Our story starts in 2001. When we met I was a freshman and Marshall was a senior. I was pretty bothered because I wasn’t ready to meet my husband yet! It was my first year of college, and my first time living out from under my parent’s roof. I remember trying to break it off with him because I knew he was the man I would marry and it scared me and annoyed me because it was so nuts!

Adoption is a life-long process, and as future adoptive parents we will have our work set out for us to not only raise our child, but to also care for the needs that come with adoption.