The Coombs Family Love Story

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Travis: I can’t put my finger on the exact moment that led us to adopt. When we were dating, I think Laurie and I always had a mutual understanding that adoption was a potential option for us.  Laurie experienced very difficult pregnancies with our two oldest daughters. After our second daughter, Avery, was born, we both knew that Laurie shouldn’t experience another pregnancy. It was also around this time when the devastating earthquake struck Haiti. I remember a strong feeling of sorrow for all of those children whose families died in an instant. It wasn’t much longer after that we started talking about growing our family through adoption. I’m one hundred percent positive that this was just God’s plan for us. He led us down the path and we were fortunately brave enough to follow. Our third daughter, Joy, is adopted from Uganda. While her adoption process was emotionally and financially very difficult, we wouldn’t have it any other way and we would do it again in a heartbeat.  

Laurie: God planted the seed of His call to adopt in me long ago. I remember asking my parents to adopt a child when I was young. They didn’t end up doing so, but I think that’s about the time I began to think maybe I would adopt a child of my own someday.  

Once a child comes home to their forever family, they are grafted into the fabric of that family in such a way that there truly is no distinction between a child given through adoption or by birth.