The Christianson Family Love Story

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Holly: I planned to adopt before I knew who I would marry or how many children I wanted or even what job/career I wanted. It’s crazy to think about loving someone in your heart for almost two decades before your husband says yes to making adoption a possibility for your family, and two decades before you ever meet them. My favorite quote ever is actually a song lyric that rings true about my life: “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.” Obviously, God’s plan and how he has written out my story and our family’s story is so much bigger and better than any plans I made 20 years ago. I did not plan to be pregnant at 21 years old, but God makes all things work together for my good. Having Noah, when I had no family living in the same state as me, while in a rocky relationship, trying to finish college and get a “real” teaching job to support myself and my child was incredibly challenging, but I am a better and stronger and more faithful person because of it. It taught me how to prioritize and how to be independent and how to be as good of a mom as I could be, even when I was not ready to be a mom. It taught me how to rely on my support system and how to ask for help and which relationships to let go of and which goals to work harder for, so that I could tell my children that even when your plans change that you can still achieve your goals. Noah’s birth also brought me Amy, Tommy’s sister, which brought me Tommy and all the blessings of this life we have built together.

Tommy: I did not know much about adoption growing up. It wasn’t really ever talked about. I had a friend growing up that was adopted, but that wasn’t his identifier. He was just my friend.

My parents showed me that love can make a family through fostering two girls. Plus, I knew that I could love a child not biologically-related to me because of my love for Noah.

You can’t change the world for everybody, but you can change one person’s world.