The Chitty Family Love Story

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Jeremy: My parents adopted me from birth and it is something that I thank God for daily. Just as Katie and I were told that we could never have biological children of our own, so were my parents. As devastating as this news was, neither Katie or I, or my parents, were content with not having a child they could call their own. I have 3 siblings and I am the only adopted one – I guess the doctors were wrong. Adoption means everything to me. Adoption is completing who we feel the Lord has called us to be, it’s completing our family and the overwhelming desires of our hearts.

Katie: Adoption to us has been a part of both of our lives from the very beginning. I grew up the 4th of 9 children.  My parents were foster parents my entire life and there were very few days in our home without what seemed like a million children running around. I have always been an independent person. I have 5 adopted siblings as well, so it’s easy to see that adoption is as natural to us anything else in life.

We decided to be obedient and go where He would send us. No matter how uncomfortable or uneasy it made us feel in the beginning. Because our God is good