The Castor Family Love Story

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Why Adoption?

Mehgan: I have been in love with the idea of adoption since I was a child. My family would take Christmas gifts to a local foster home and every year, I would want to take someone home with me. My heart has always easily understood the kingdom value of adoption. In college, I became aware of the tragic heart process of young women facing the challenge of an unwanted pregnancy. Where was the battle cry toward adoption? Why was protesting the right response instead of raising awareness and increasing interest for families that could help these young women? Others would pray, rightly, for the babies, I would pray for the women caught in this dilemma.

Fast forward to meeting my husband, Toby. At this point, adoption was a “deal breaker.” If you didn’t want to adopt, I didn’t want you. Thank God, Toby had the same heart beat I did for adoption. We were married in 2010 and was blessed with a biological daughter in 2014.

Adoption requires an open hand and an open heart, and both of mine have been expanded this year.