The Burke Family Love Story

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Why Adoption? 

Autym: Adoption has been in my heart for well over a decade. It’s not plan B for me. I believe it is a God-given desire. There’s a soft place in my heart for people who don’t have a family, or who just need to be loved. The blessing for us would be getting to raise a child and expand our family. 

Ryan: I never thought about adoption before Autym and I got married. It’s her dream. Since we have been married, I see the bond between Autym and our boys. I see how strong relationships can be without being related by blood. I see how God created adoption through Jesus. Adoption was always part of God’s plan to save his people and I get to enjoy the gifts of Jesus’ death and resurrection through adoption into God’s family. We know this child will be a gift and blessing not only to us, but to God.

After a failed adoption that we spent the last year on, we know God will redeem our story in His time.