The Black Family Love Story

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Jason: Through this process from the start, and even now, adoption has been about following God as He calls us to love and care for orphans. He has put a real love in our hearts for these boys that are not part of our family. It is also a wonderful picture of the Gospel and how God has adopted us in love, and made us His own, when we were not part of His family. From day one the adoption process has caused us to depend on God. The primary way that we saw this was when we looked at the financial need that only God could meet. Through the details we have seen that we need to depend on Him for everything.

Amber: We are really seeing our need to depend on God for everything. At first the financial need was the big thing we saw, but we have learned that God is responsible for way more than just providing funds. As we strive to be faithful everyday, some days are better than others, we have seen the unfailing faithfulness of God. As we see Him meet need after need we have seen His goodness and His greatness! He is so much bigger to us, and we have only been able to see this by putting our faith in Him. It’s been a pattern of struggle, struggle, be faithful, blessing over and over and God has been so good through it all.

People often see that we have four kids and they ask, 'Why do you want more kids?' Our answer is pretty simple. It really has nothing to do with us wanting or needing more kids. It really is about two boys who need a loving family. We believe that God has called us to be that for them, and it is our joy to have them as our sons.