The Bishop Family Love Story

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Ashlyn: Six months into our infertility journey, the thought of adoption came to mind as a true possibility. I had never wanted to adopt and thought if we couldn’t have kids we would be okay, just the two of us. Then God just started working on my heart.  I didn’t say anything about it and then shortly after Luke came to me and asked me what I thought about adoption because he was thinking it!  Whoa…isn’t it so good of God to put us on the same page?

Luke: We realized we were going to have fertility issues, and began the process of trying. I wanted so bad to have a child that was half Ashlyn, half me.  All my prayers were that way, I felt it strong. Then, a change happened in me and I felt being drawn towards adoption.  Though it wasn’t my main focus, it was there sort of in my peripheral vision. My feelings started to change, and thought about how parenting is not DNA, it’s what we teach, model and how we raise our child.

Sometimes you do something and afterwards, you are never the same. That is both true of being a father, and of adopting. It feels like a calling.

Ashlyn Loves



June 2007

Luke Loves