The Barbosa Family Love Story

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When I was a little girl in Brazil, my mother organized an orphan children’s choir, which sang in the Brazilian equivalent of the White House. This took lots of preparation. My mom would take us to the orphanage regularly to rehearse with the children. After the rehearsal I could play with the children. I have a vivid memory of one day when it was time to leave. I did not want to leave my friends behind. I was sad. I did not think it was fair that that child holding my hand did not have a mom or dad. So I remember saying to myself, “One day when I grow up, I am going to take a child like this home and be their mom.” I believe that experience was the seedling in my heart that has grown this deep desire to adopt. It is not just a desire. It is not just something I think is cool. Adoption is a part of who I am. It is a part of who I was designed to be. I believe God deposited love in my heart to adopt. It is a deep yearning. I must do this. I am not done being a mom yet. Our family is not complete. A piece is missing, and I have always known that our family would be complete through adoption.

We want to the expectant mom of our future child to know that we admire and honor her strength in making such an important decision. We pray for her well-being. And we will love her baby unconditionally, she will grow in a home where she will be loved, encouraged, and challenged to pursue her dreams, and become everything that God has created her to be.