What Would the World Look Like if We Chose to #AdoptKindess?

What Would the World Look Like if We Chose to #AdoptKindess?

Adoption has come so far.

50 years ago:

Birth moms had very few rights.
Parents adopting children didn’t have enough information on trauma informed care.
Adoptees didn’t have the freedom to share their stories.

While anyone in the adoption triad will tell you the adoption space is far from perfect, it’s healthy to look back and see how far we’ve come. But we’ve also seen an unhealthy trend. This trend focuses on attacking others. Attacking people who are trying their best to honor the triad. Attacking brave people who are sharing their adoption experience.

So together, let’s say, “No more.”

No more tearing each other down.
No more judgy Instagram comments.
No more refusing to apologize when we use hurtful adoption language.
No more “educating” each other with teeth in it.
No more calling people out on social media before we hear their side of the story.

Because the reality is, social media can be brutal. And unfortunately, the adoption community isn’t an exception.

Adoption is a complicated issue but we can all agree on ONE thing. Anger and hostility get us nowhere.

Let’s work together to continue the progress.

What would happen if together, we chose to #adoptkindness?

Let’s talk about the hard, raw, and real emotions. But let’s do it in a way that honors birth parents, adoptees, and adoptive families.
Let’s have a healthy conversation instead of assuming the worst.
Let’s agree to take a deep breath before we call someone out on social media and fight for unity instead of division.

Let’s use the hashtag #adoptkindness and share our stories. Share why it’s important to be KIND when we talk about adoption.

Is adoption part of your story in any way? Use the hashtag #adoptkindness to spread the word and tag us in your post.

Together, let’s love each other better as we push for progress in the adoption space.

Together, let’s #adoptkindness.

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