Risk, Fear, and Paperwork: The Adoption Journey with Evan Dlugosz

Risk, Fear, and Paperwork: The Adoption Journey with Evan Dlugosz

Fear crept through my body the instant we signed the contract with the adoption agency. The reluctance, caution, trepidation, and excitement swirled together and hit me like a tidal wave.  The risk of the unknown was way too much for my conservative nature.

Back in our dating days, Ashley and I knew that we were both passionate about adoption and wanted to care for a child who needed a home. When we signed the contract that passion became a reality. The long and intimidating journey of adoption had come, and the more we dove into the process the more we realized how overwhelming everything was.

The system has changed drastically compared to when my sister and I were adopted from South Korea over 30 years ago. There is twice as much red tape, the waiting time is longer, the children are older, the finances have been tripled, and the mountains of paperwork are taller. I knew most of this going into the process, but obviously didn’t know the full extent of it.

God has been teaching us so much through the adoption process, and we know that He will teach us even more when we bring our child home.  For those of you who want to adopt and feel that it’s either too intimidating or there are too many barriers, there are.  Eating the elephant one bite at a time is the systematic approach to take, and ultimately leaning on God’s timing, direction, and divine providence will get you through.  It feels like an eternity until we get to see our child.  We have already spent 8 months completing our application, referrals, the home study, immigration, and we’re half-way through the dossier.  Once the dossier is finished we will finally get a referral for our child, and that could take another 6 months to a year.

Adoption is expensive and it’s by no means convenient.  You’re not going to hit a grand slam and easily slide into home plate.  Now, I’m not saying throw caution to the wind financially or emotionally and jump into adoption, but what I am saying is that adoption is an incredible picture of the Gospel, and that we should strive to foster a culture of adoption in our church, community, friends, and family.

The adoption process will be stressful, inconvenient, and financially challenging.  Christ certainly knew that our adoption was worth it, and His example should encourage us to pursue Gospel driven adoption for the Kingdom of Christ!

Written By
Evan Dlugosz

Evan loves to learn, read, participate in sports, explore the outdoors, listen to and play music. Born in Pusan City, South Korea, Evan was adopted by his parents and grew up in the U.S. Evan and his wife Ashley are now adopting from South Korea. Learn more about their story at their Adopt a Love Story page, and connect with them at their personal blog, the Dlugosz Family Adventures