Perspective: Lifting Our Eyes Beyond This Week

Perspective: Lifting Our Eyes Beyond This Week

I woke up this morning to a message from a dear friend. In the message she told me that a little baby boy in an orphanage in Uganda had passed away.

Immediately my head went back to six years ago working in a public hospital in Kampala. There I watched a little boy slip from this life into the arms of our loving savior. That moment, six years ago crushed me.

Why did that little boy die? Simply because he needed oxygen. He was battling malaria and was in desperate need of oxygen. The worker who was supposed to deliver oxygen to the hospital that day, just didn’t. That little boy lost his life. I will never forget his mother & her cries. In one moment her whole world was up-ended. She screamed as they wheeled her son out of the hospital in a decrepit metal crib. When we left that afternoon, she was laying on the grass outside weeping for the loss of her son.

Over these last months, I’ve seen such hatred spewed across the internet. Both from friends, and people I hardly know. All of which is about an election in our beautiful country. Complaints of how awful it is here, how horrible this life is. That our election has come to this choice, between two people who aren’t worthy. Don’t get me wrong, I’m guilty of this as well.

But, then this. This life. This little boy who passed away this morning simply because there wasn’t a doctor available to care for him last night. The nurse did all she could and asked the orphanage worker to come back in the morning, unbeknownst to her it would be too late. His body couldn’t fight the malaria any longer. In a quiet moment, in a little crib, in an orphanage, this boy passed away. Buried next to a rubbish pit because there simply isn’t anywhere else to bury him.

It isn’t perfect here. Far from it. But my goodness, can’t we see the blessings.

The shelter, food, running water, access to medical care, and free public education. There are atrocities here too, please don’t think I’m ignorant to that, but there is so much opportunity here as well. We each have the free choice to make a difference. To change something that we want to change. To live. Stop the madness, y’all. We are blessed. Even when it doesn’t seem like it, we are.

Emily Ohlinger and her husband Jim have already seen the power of adoption in their lives and are currently in the process of bringing another son home to his forever family. Watch their powerful story here.


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Emily Ohlinger

Emily thrives in Seattle along with her husband Jim and a houseful of 4 (now 5!) amazing kids. A nurse by profession, she loves walks in the park, playing lava-monster tag with her kids, reading, cooking, and pretending to know how to garden.